Dangerous structures

Buildings and structures such as boundary walls, fences and hoardings can become dangerous when they are unable to carry imposed loads and are at risk of collapse.

This can be due to various reasons:

  • design defects
  • fire damage or explosions
  • old age
  • poor maintenance or neglect
  • vandalism
  • vehicle impact
  • wind and weather damage

There are two main categories of dangerous structure:

  • Hazardous. These structures are found to be unstable by surveyors but not imminently dangerous. The owner is given a reasonable time to remove the danger. Failure to respond may result in a magistrates court order being obtained.
  • Imminent. These structures are at risk of collapse and must be secured for public safety. The owner will normally be recharged for emergency works carried out in these cases since the prime responsibility for the condition of a building or structure lies with its owner.

Report a dangerous structure

If you are aware of a dangerous building or structure you can report it to your local council by using our contact us page.