Energy performance and assessment

Every new dwelling in the UK must achieve minimum energy performance standards. To demonstrate compliance with the building regulations all new dwellings must be accompanied by an Energy Assessment and Energy Performance Certificate.

Suffolk Building Control Group are able to produce Energy Assessments and Energy Performance Certificates for new dwellings, please get in touch through our contact us page if this is something you require.

What are Energy Performance Certificates and Energy Assessments?

An Energy Assessment is a calculation to show that a new dwelling will comply with the requirements of the building regulations. It is usually produced in two stages; the first at ‘design’ stage to show compliance of a proposed dwelling and the second at ‘as built’ stage to show compliance of the completed dwelling. The Energy Performance Certificate is a separate document that shows the energy rating of the dwelling and the calculated CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions of that dwelling.

When are the assessments and certificates required?

Building control will require a copy of the ‘design’ stage energy assessment when an application is made for Building Regulations approval. The updated ‘as built’ submission will be required before a Building Regulation Completion Certificate can be issued. The Energy Performance Certificate will also be required before a completion certificate can be produced and legally should be submitted within 5 days of practical completion of the dwelling.

Who can produce certificates and assessments?

An Energy Performance Certificate must be created by a qualified Energy Assessor who will usually produce the Energy Assessment as well. The Suffolk Building Control Group have qualified Energy Assessors who will be able to help.

How much will it cost?

The cost of producing an Energy Assessment and Energy Performance Certificate will vary depending upon the complexity of the proposed building. We’re happy to quote for any particular proposal, please contact us for more details.

How do I request a certificate or assessment?

Please contact us for a quote, once the quote has been accepted and instruction received we will begin creating your assessment.